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Is it OK to have sex while you’re engaged? After all, you’re going to get married anyway.

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An eye-opener article to all those who are engaged (and still single as well..).   Read more here in

When a husband gives his body to his bride and a bride gives herself to him, their bodies speak the truth: “I am entirely yours.” On the other hand, sex anywhere but in marriage is dishonest. No matter what, it cannot say, “I am entirely yours.” Therefore, having sex during the engagement is not a matter of “peeking under the wrapping paper.” It is a matter of completely missing the point of sex and marriage.

After reading the article, the below statement that became a challenge for me (and other men) – “the measure of true love“:

In the meantime, know that each time you resist sin you bless one another. In addition, God has issued a special challenge to men. When a man perseveres in the virtue of chastity, he helps fulfill that challenge: to love his bride as Christ loves the Church, to give himself up for her, that he might sanctify her, that he might present his bride to God “without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, that she might be holy and without blemish” (Eph. 5:25–27). A man should consider his acceptance of this challenge to be the measure of his love for his bride. Imagine Christ hanging on the cross, saying to you, “This is how I got my bride to heaven. How else do you think you will get yours there?” When an engaged man embraces such a challenge and grows in purity with his fiancée, you will notice on his wedding day that his bride’s soul matches her dress. She glows. . . And so will he when he sees her walking down the aisle to him.

I also noticed the site’s branding (quote) from St. Josemaria Escriva, “When you decide firmly to lead a clean life, Chastity will not be a burden on you: It will be a crown of triumph.


Four Ingredients To Great Success

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I loved Bo Sanchez’s Food for the Soul today.  He wrote about the following “4 Ingredients to Great Success“.  This time, another refreshing and thought-provoking article from a great preacher.

  1. Purpose
  2. Problems
  3. Perseverance
  4. Prudence
For full article, visit Bo Sanchez‘s site or this link:

Why am I against contraception?

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Contraception, on the other hand, allows marital sexuality to devolve into a kind of mutual masturbation where each pursues erotic satisfaction apart from the total gift of self, and apart from any openness to life. Because of contraception, marital sexual activity slips into a subtle mode of mutual exploitation – a lifeless, self-focused, needs-centered apparatus.

These articles are my compilation why I am against contraception.

Hope this blog may shed light & help to others.  God Bless!

Chastity: The Guardian of Love

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I just had a good read about “chastity” while trying to collect some links about overpopulation, reproductive health bill and contraception.  A virtue that most of us almost resented and failed to pursue in our life time.

If we are to truly love a person of the opposite sex, we must be able to see much more than the person’s sexual value. We must see their full value as a person and respond to them in selfless love. Wojtyla says that chastity allows us to do just that. “The essence of chastity consists in quickness to affirm the value of the person in every situation and in raising to the personal level all reactions to the value of ‘the body and sex'” (p. 171).

However, the man without chastity sits in a very sad situation: He is not free to love. He may have some good intentions and a sincere desire to care for his beloved, but without chastity, his love will never flourish, for it will not be pure. It will be mixed with a tendency to view his beloved primarily in terms of her sexual values, which make his heart delight in emotional enjoyment or make his body stir in sensual desire. Wojtyla explains that the man without chastity cannot selflessly love his beloved for who she is as a person, because his heart is so preoccupied with the emotional and sensual pleasure he receives from her (p. 164).

Read on using this link.

However, it is not too late, by God’s help and grace, we can pursue this virtue.  As per St. Paul’s statement, “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.” —Phil 4:13 (NASB).  Even in a married life, God is challenging us, asking us to be “chaste” and see human sexuality in His perspective.  This is why Catholic Church is prohibiting her sons & daughters to use contraceptives.

May God Blesses You!

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A Day to Remember

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Last Saturday, March 14. Lhen and I went to Manila Bay to have some dinner in the Yacht during sunset. The place is great except of course the sea itself, but everything is good and we really enjoyed the place.

This is the day we’ll remember for the two of us. Yes, I proposed already to Lhen which I gave her an engagement ring (with YES as her answer!). I’ll post the pictures once I got uploaded from our mobile phones to our PC (which I hope would be quite clear enough to be seen). Well surely this is the most romantic and unforgettable experience that we have.

To anyone who are interested you can contact Prestige Cruises @ +63 2 8328967. From Monumento just ride an LRT, alight at Vito Cruz. Walk for about 10-15 meters side of Rizal Memorial, you’ll see an orange (yellow orange) passenger-jeepney-like which you need to ride to drive you to CCP. Look for Jollibee and Starbucks along the way and you’ll see Prestige Cruises.

Thanks God it’s Friday

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Whew! After so long week, at last its Friday. We got lot of challenges almost a week now. Lot of malware issue primarily in the Asia Pacific region, case flood + escalated cases, meetings and lot more. Actually this is not the case why I’m posting it here, though. Hehe! Read on…

I just want to talk about our date with my love (Lhen) last Sunday, March 02  in SM Mall of Asia. We watched the phenomenal high-rated movie of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz. Yes, the moview titled – You Changed my Life, a sequel movie after their tandem, A Very Special Love.

I am not a romantic guy that normally watch this kind of love story-movie. But you know what? They have this so-called-chemistry that really clicked. And since, I am with her and this is our date for this month, we both decided to watch the movie (actually she’s the one who invited me). In addition, I am also a fan of Sarah Geronimo. Haha! Funny but true. From the start the she won the Start for the Night (Channel 13), I like Sarah from then on.

Well, a movie that is good and highly advisable to be watched by all ages! I like everything from start till end. And I hope they will have another movie after this. Good job to Star Cinema and ABS-CBN.

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