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Microsoft Log Parser

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Log parser is a powerful, versatile tool that provides universal query access to text-based data such as log files, XML files and CSV files, as well as key data sources on the Windows® operating system such as the Event Log, the Registry, the file system, and Active Directory®.


Favorite queries I used.

HTTP methods (GET, POST, etc) used per Url:

SELECT cs-uri-stem AS Url, cs-method AS Method,
Count(*) AS Total
FROM ex*.log
WHERE (sc-status < 400 or sc-status >= 500)
GROUP BY Url, Method
ORDER BY Url, Method

Top 10 slowest items:

SELECT TOP 10 cs-uri-stem AS Url, MIN(time-taken) as [Min],
AVG(time-taken) AS [Avg], max(time-taken) AS [Max],
count(time-taken) AS Hits
FROM ex*.log
WHERE time-taken < 120000


Debugging Tools

07/21/2010 Leave a comment

While searching the Internet for tools and some materials for software development, I found this site very interesting:

I also found this site ( very touchy in the subject (finding anything about bugs under the sun – ^^).  I also found a good book to read for debugging.  So I am posting the links of first two chapters of “Debugging” book that contain some excerpts.

Rescuing Linux root password

07/19/2010 Leave a comment

In case of emergency, you can recover your root password by following these steps: (mostly for Fedora-based Linux systems)

  1. Power on the machine/reboot if necessary.
  2. On the boot menu, select the OS you preferred and press `e` on you keyboard.
  3. Select the image you would like to boot, and press `e` again as soon as you get to the next screen.
  4. Insert a space and the number one `1`. After that press ENTER and `b` and ENTER again.
  5. You have now your system booted in a single user mode without entering a password.
  6. Type on the shell ‘passwd’ and enter your new password.
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