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Jesus Christ is God’s Son

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I received a letter from Global Media Outreach for the Weekly Prayer Focus. The Lenten season is near, though we should always do remember what God did for us, this is also a great time for us to re-think again, reflect and meditate how God’s Love revealed through our Lord Jesus Christ.  In this season I know some of us are in vacation or with our families but hope to remind that we can share to everyone, how really God embraced our own weaknesses and failures.

Jesus Christ is God’s Son. As we look at preparing for Easter this year, let us realize how wonderful it is that God’s Son came to die for us.

How can one man take on the sins of the whole world? An ordinary man could not do this — but Jesus is not just a man. He came to earth 2,000 years ago and was born of a virgin whose name was Mary. Jesus’ father is God. Jesus Himself existed with God from the beginning of time. “He was in very nature God.”

What is wonderful and amazing is that Jesus, the sinless son of God, came to earth and took punishment that He did not deserve. “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him would not perish, but would have eternal life. God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved.” Everyone on earth has sinned; God has laid on Christ the punishment for the sins of us all.

What we have to do is accept Jesus Christ as our savior; agree with God that we have sinned; and thank God that Jesus paid the penalty for our sins. Without that, we are deserving of eternal death and punishment and separation from God. When we accept Jesus Christ, we are given the gift of eternal life — and forgiveness for all our sins! What a wonderful gift! How great is the love of God!

So this week, let us thank God

  • For sending His own Son Jesus to be our Savior
  • For allowing His Son to be crucified to pay the penalty for our sins
  • For His great love for us

God is so wonderful — He is willing to not hold our sins against us, but He wants us to be His sons and daughters. Let us live our lives in thankfulness to God.

Dear Father, we praise and give you thanks and honor for all the showered blessings and continuing love for humanity.  To the point of sacrificing your Son, bearing the pain of seeing Him beaten and hang in the cross; mocked and insulted — until death.  Abba Father, though it’s quite hard for us to comprehend all these things and Your mystery, what we all know that You love us, your sons and daughters.  May you allow us Father to help us grow in love, peace and compassion.  Help us to bear the pain and suffering, hurts, anxiety, misunderstandings in our midst.  Father, please give us a heart like your Son.  A heart that gives, forgives and forgets.  A spirit that is obedient to you.  Send us your Holy Spirit to be filled up with your power so that we may do your work and tell/share among our brethren about You and Your love.

All praises are yours Father together with the Holy Spirit and our Lord Jesus Christ, all glory are Yours now and Forever.  AMEN


Jesus and His Cross

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Today is Sunday, and I needed to go to the office in Eastwood City to brush up with my review materials (exam tomorrow) and the web application I am still coding up with and needed to be finished soon. I attended a mass this 5:00 PM in the chapel and the mass is all about the cross of Jesus Christ with a little bit of Israel’s history, its captors (Babylon and immediately the Persian Empire), the temple and about salvation brought by the Father through Jesus Christ. A few phrase of the introductory part of Sambuhay caught my attention.

Jesus is on the cross not only because of the work of evil men. Jesus is on the cross because the cross summarizes his life of giving, forgiving and loving. Jesus could have employed all possible means to crush his enemies and display his power as Son Of God. Instead he shows us that His power lies not in destruction and loving embrace of death so that its venom could be rendered powerless and Jesus’ love revealed to us.

Now I remembered all my sins and compared it to the Israel as a nation.  They did all abomination to the Lord – how they crushed God’s heart in leading a life astray – but, God continue to love the chosen nation even to the point that they killed His Son.  I was stunned and amazed how God is really full of mercy.  When I looked my sins, I feel so lowly that I cannot gaze His face.  That I keep asking for forgiveness and power to (re) gain my strength to continue what I started.  God gave me the power to stand up against the evil and continue living a holy life and trying to live His standards.  Yes, I am not a perfect human being, even that I surrendered by life to Him, I still commit sins and have more struggles after I become a Christian.  But deep within my heart I know and I believe God is there always for me. Will accompany me in the race that I am willing to be finished.   At the end of it, I can also say, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” (2 Timothy 4:7)  Towards the end of the mass, I realized that, love is still the number the one weapon and it challenges me of what I still need to be done.  May God help me to enlighten and give me the courage to love my neighbor… even in the midst of danger, misunderstanding, and hatred.

Father, thank you for the life you gave.  Thank you for your Son Jesus, our Lord.  Thank you for your mercy and your love.  I’m sorry for all my sins, and all my sins are against your Holy Will.  Keep me standing amidst of hardships.  Empower me to continue to endure the “race”.  Help me to look up into the cross which Jesus carried in the way to Golgotha.  Help me persevere till the end that I might attain the heavenly place you prepared for me.  I pray for our families and our loved ones, our nation and the whole world.  Let your light shine continually upon us and share that light among us.  May the Church continue to be our family of “salt and light” that shows compassion, mercy and love towards our brethren.

Help us to be a part of it Father.  For your greater glory, in Jesus name I pray.  AMEN.

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Names of countries mentioned in the Bible

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Early this morning, after reading this article I started searching for the names of the countries mentioned in the Bible which luckily I got

  1. Put = Lybia
  2. Babylon = Iraq
  3. Persia = Iran
  4. Togarmah = Germany
  5. Tarshish = Spain
  6. Rosh = Russia
  7. Achaia = Southern Greece
  8. Macedonia = Northern Greece
  9. Asia Minor = Turkey
  10. Galatia = Central Turkey
  11. Philistia (Philistines) = Gaza Strip
  12. Samaria = Golan Heights
  13. Cyprus = Cyprus
  14. Crete = Cret

Though I’ll try to verify those (and probably could add more) for the coming days.

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A Day to Remember

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Last Saturday, March 14. Lhen and I went to Manila Bay to have some dinner in the Yacht during sunset. The place is great except of course the sea itself, but everything is good and we really enjoyed the place.

This is the day we’ll remember for the two of us. Yes, I proposed already to Lhen which I gave her an engagement ring (with YES as her answer!). I’ll post the pictures once I got uploaded from our mobile phones to our PC (which I hope would be quite clear enough to be seen). Well surely this is the most romantic and unforgettable experience that we have.

To anyone who are interested you can contact Prestige Cruises @ +63 2 8328967. From Monumento just ride an LRT, alight at Vito Cruz. Walk for about 10-15 meters side of Rizal Memorial, you’ll see an orange (yellow orange) passenger-jeepney-like which you need to ride to drive you to CCP. Look for Jollibee and Starbucks along the way and you’ll see Prestige Cruises.

Thanks God it’s Friday

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Whew! After so long week, at last its Friday. We got lot of challenges almost a week now. Lot of malware issue primarily in the Asia Pacific region, case flood + escalated cases, meetings and lot more. Actually this is not the case why I’m posting it here, though. Hehe! Read on…

I just want to talk about our date with my love (Lhen) last Sunday, March 02  in SM Mall of Asia. We watched the phenomenal high-rated movie of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz. Yes, the moview titled – You Changed my Life, a sequel movie after their tandem, A Very Special Love.

I am not a romantic guy that normally watch this kind of love story-movie. But you know what? They have this so-called-chemistry that really clicked. And since, I am with her and this is our date for this month, we both decided to watch the movie (actually she’s the one who invited me). In addition, I am also a fan of Sarah Geronimo. Haha! Funny but true. From the start the she won the Start for the Night (Channel 13), I like Sarah from then on.

Well, a movie that is good and highly advisable to be watched by all ages! I like everything from start till end. And I hope they will have another movie after this. Good job to Star Cinema and ABS-CBN.

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Vacuumdb – Saves your day!

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Well just to post here how to do some garbage cleanup and analysis (similar with dbcc shrinkdatabase in SQL Server) using a Postgre utility which can reclaim storage occupied by deleted tuples.

bash-3.00# /PostgreSQL/bin/vacuumdb -p 5432 -U sa -z -d inventory_db

“In normal PostgreSQL operation, tuples that are deleted or obsolete by an update are not physically removed from their table; they remain present until a VACUUM is done. Therefore, it is necessary to do VACUUM periodically, especially on frequently updated tables.

The vacuumdb is a utility for cleaning a PostgreSQL database. vacuumdb will also generate internal statistics used by the PostgreSQL query optimizer.” – From

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